Why Donate?

There are many tax advantages, including income, gift and estate charitable tax deductions. For example, it may be possible to avoid capital gains taxes when you donate actual stock instead of the cash from a stock sale, or your will bequest can be deductible from the taxable portion of your estate.
In addition, donors who set up gift annuities or similar funds can actually receive income from their investment while benefiting the Library at the same time.
In each case, your gift will make a long-term contribution to a valuable community resource.

Why does the Endowment need to grow?

  • To expand the library’s building usefulness and available materials.
  • To meet the demand for new media formats.
  • To adapt to rapidly changing Information technology and Internet based resources.
  • To realize future uses of the library as a destination and resource.
  • To provide enhanced educational and cultural programs for adults, teens, and children.