Endowment Governance

The trust is managed by an Endowment Board of Trustees, appointed by the Board of the Friends of the Hershey Public Library in accordance with the Endowment’s Agreement of Trust.

The Endowment funds are managed by a professional investment firm, Bryn Mawr Trust Company.

Hershey Library Endowment Trust Board 2018

Steve Ballard
Martha Brown
Beulah Chabal
Judy Dunn, Vice Chair
Laura O’Grady, Director of Library Services
Ted Farrar, Chair
Rob Hersey, Treasurer
Julie Isaacson, President, Library Board of Directors
Hillary Marotta
Kathy Miller, President. Friends of the Library
Marc Moyer, Supervisor, Township of Derry
John Rita
Kate Thurston

Bryn Mawr Trust Officers:

Andy Keefer
Jesse Ashcroft